I study stable homotopy theory and work at Bergische Universität Wuppertal as a postdoc in the topology group of Jens Hornbostel. Before that, I was a postdoc in the topology group at Universität Osnabrück and a member of GRK 1916. I was also a member of the semester on Algebraic Topology at MSRI and a postdoc at KTH in Stockholm for the Fall of 2013. I did my graduate studies at Wayne State University where I was student of Bob Bruner’s.

I’m interested in highly structured ring spectra and what they can tell us about the stable homotopy category, be it motivic, equivariant, or classical. I am particularly interested in concrete computations and interpretations that use an algebro-geometric point of view. I really like spectral sequences and much of my work has involved them. You can find my preprints on the arxiv.

Since 2015 I have organized the European Talbot workshop with Tobias Barthel. This workshop is modeled after the Talbot workshop in the US. The current organizers are Bertram Arnold, Tobias Barthel, Jack Davies, Alice Hedlund, Magdelena Kedziorek.

Outside of mathematics, I have been on the organizing committee for Dally in the Alley since 2011.